Types of CRO Research We Do
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We combine conventional research and cutting-edge biometrics

The research we do at Endless Gain for CRO breaks down into two broad types: Conventional and Biometric.

Conventional Conversion Optimisation Research

The different types of conventional research methodologies we conduct are:

  1. Heuristic analysis to measure the usability and UI of your website and to discover what could be causing friction for your users.
  2. Web analytics to measure and analyse data from your website.
  3. Form analytics to measure the performance of forms on your website.
  4. Functionality analysis to check that each element of your website is operating as intended.
  5. Accessibility analysis to check that your website is easy to use for all kinds of people with all kinds of devices and browsers.
  6. Usability analysis to check the ease with which your visitors can understand your website, its functions, and features.
  7. Heatmap analysis to study user behaviour on a webpage through scrollmaps, clickmaps, and mouse tracking.
  8. Session recordings analysis to watch replays of user sessions to study how users navigate through your website and interact with various elements on a page.
  9. Market research to understand the market and consumers in your domain.
  10. Customer and visitor survey analysis to understand the sentiments, expectations, motivations, frustrations, and concerns of your users.
  11. Live chat transcript analysis to understand the problems and queries for which your users reach out to you.

If and when required, we also conduct remote user testing, customer support call analysis, and longitudinal studies for your brand.

Biometric Research in Conversion Rate Optimisation

We conduct cutting-edge Biometric Research of these 5 types:

  1. Eye tracking analysis to tell you which parts of your site or app customers are looking at and when.
  2. Facial Expression Recognition Analysis to tell you how they’re feeling when they’re looking at something on your website.
  3. Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) analysis to measure the strength of these emotions.
  4. Electroencephelography (EEG) analysis to measure customers’ engagement with your site or app.
  5. Pupil Dilation analysis to measure the arousal levels of users.

We bring together insights from different research to suggest holistic customer experience optimisation for your website

What sets us apart is the way we bring together findings from these conventional and biometric research with findings from decades of academic psychology—particularly on emotional decision-making and the psychology of persuasion—to make changes to your site that increase both revenue and conversions.

We never rely on just one type of data: we combine insights from different research types to give you a full picture of customer experience on your website. This scientific and methodical approach helps us make meaningful and necessary changes to your webpages, and help you give your customers a joyful buying experience with your brand.

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