Understanding Consumer Behaviour in CRO

We change customer behaviour on your website by first understanding your users

Conversions are a consumer behaviour. So, optimising conversions is all about optimising consumer behaviour.

But, before we can optimise consumer behaviour on your website or app, we need to understand how your customers are behaving on your digital properties.

Anyone can make changes to pages and run A/B tests. But what’s different about Endless Gain is that we start by ensuring that we understand not just what is happening, but why it’s happening. We endeavour to understand the underlying causes of your customers’ decisions.

And Here’s the Thing: Reasons for User Behaviour Are Much More Subtle Than You Think.

Sure, customers’ decisions are affected by things like price and delivery options. These are rational considerations that appeal to what psychologist Daniel Kahneman calls the logical System 2 part of our brain.

But these aren’t the only—or even the most important—factors. Psychology studies have shown that we are inherently emotional creatures. So, our decision making is driven mainly by the brain’s more emotional and impulsive System 1. This system could be irrational, impulsive, greedy.

So Unless You Understand Your Users, You Cannot Optimise CX on Your Site

This is why, at Endless Gain, we use a combination of conventional and biometric research—all informed by psychological theory—to understand the root causes of why your website may be underperforming. Only then do we begin the process of conversion rate optimisation.

After all, if you don’t know how something works, how can you possibly hope to make it work better?

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Research types

By combining conventional research and cutting edge biometric technology, our research helps us better understand and optimise consumer behaviour.

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Biometric research

Using state of the art biometric technology allows us to gather insights you wouldn’t get from conventional conversion optimisation research.

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Eye tracking

By tracking eye movements we can find out what your customers are missing on your webpages.

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Pupil dilation

Measuring pupil dilation tells us how aroused your customers are when interacting with your website.

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Facial recognition

By analysing your customers’ facial expressions, we can uncover their true emotions by the millisecond.

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Monitoring your customer’s brain state using Electroencephalography (EEG) shows us their level of engagement and motivation with your website or app.

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We use galvanic skin response to track your customers’ emotional responses.

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