Personalisation in CRO

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Giving Your Customers Personalised Experiences Gives You Higher Conversions

In brick-and-mortar stores, when a customer walks into a shop, sales assistants help them pick out the products that are right for them, right? They also recommend the most popular and trending products and remember their choices the next time the same customer visits the store.

That is exactly what website personalisation does. Personalisation allows you to recognise a customer’s needs, preferences, and browsing behaviour so that you can recommend the right products to them and give them experiences specific to their needs and behaviour.

This in turn makes your users happier with your services and turns them into loyal and returning customers, leading to higher conversions and more profits for your business.

Personalisation Is No Longer Optional, It’s Necessary

Here’s the thing: personalisation is now a key digital business strategy for eCommerce businesses.

Customers nowadays expect to receive a personalised experience on your site, be it product recommendations, reminders, offers, or content. Research shows that consumers are more likely to buy from retailers who understand them, who know their likes and dislikes, who know what makes them tick.

And this is particularly true for high-value customers—those who buy the most (the 80:20 rule).

Personalisation is all about providing a better—and more relevant—experience. And it’s not too much of stretch to say that customers are more likely to return to you, buy more from you, and recommend you to other people if they have a rewarding experience on your website.

We Can Help You Find the Best Ways to Personalise Customer Experiences

It’s not easy to decide what to personalise and how. What you need to personalise and how depends on your customers, not on your opinions or the features available on the optimisation platform you use.

Here are a couple of concrete examples:

  1. Should you display your cheaper products at the top of the list and more expensive products later, or vice versa? The answer is that it depends on the personality type of the customer, which you can figure out from their click behaviour and purchase history.
  2. Should you include a sidebar showing “People who liked this also liked…?”. For some types of customer, this drives sales. Others get so distracted that you risk losing the original sale.

At Endless Gain, we can help you put a robust personalisation programme in place to optimise your website and get better conversions and sales.

We can help you understand your customers well with in-depth conventional and biometric research.

We can get the right segmented data on your customers, put the right process in place for you, and run experiments on every personalisation activity.

And we can help you manage your experimentation and personalisation programmes effectively.

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