Experimentation in CRO

We test our theories with extensive experimentation

Just like you’d prefer to take a medicine that’s trialled, tested, and proven to be effective, your website needs an optimisation solution that has been proven to be effective through extensive experimentation.

We Offer End-to-end Experimentation Services, from Research and Design to Development and QA

At Endless Gain, we diagnose the problem with your website or app first. We then come up with a research- and psychology-backed hypothesis on what treatment to implement for conversion rate optimisation. Then we test this hypothesis through A/B tests.

This involves creating wireframes and/or high-fidelity designs that will run on the testing platform you use. If you don’t have a testing platform yet, don’t worry, we’ll suggest the best in the market for you.

And then, the following process ensues:

  • Our UX designers will create the designs for you.
  • These designs will be picked up by our in-house developers to create the experiments on your testing platform.
  • Finally, our Quality Analysts will conduct functionality, accessibility, and usability checks on each experiment.

We set criteria in advance to determine the success of the experiment. Every single A/B test goes through 26 checkpoints from conception, through development, to live deployment. After deployment, it’s subjected to 10 further checks whilst running through to completion.

This way, we ensure consistency for each experiment and maintain the high level of quality our clients expect.

Benefit from Our Vast Experience of Running A/B Tests

No test is run in isolation: we monitor changes across your website while one or more experiments are running.

And because we maintain a database of every single experiment we’ve run since 2016, your website will benefit from our experience of running thousands of experiments for different clients.

However, no experiment can guarantee a positive result (if you could, there would be no need to do the experiment!). We believe that no experiment is a failure; you will always learn something that will help you to improve and grow, to iterate, to evolve.

If you don’t win, you learn. And every lesson is useful when it comes to optimising conversions and customer experience on your website.

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