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Mental Accounting


One of the names that keeps coming up time and again in this video series is Richard Thaler, who really did write the book on much of consumer psychology. Today...

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Ambiguity Aversion


I’d like you to imagine that you’re in the finale of a game show, and you have to pick a red ball out of a bag, blindfolded, to win the...

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Generation Effect


Let’s do a little maths quiz on your times tables. What is 6 x 9? I’m not going to say it – you have to say the answer out loud....

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Price as a Marker of Quality


Imagine you’re abroad and you fancy a coffee. You’re in a small town that none of the big chains have reached. But there are three independents, and they all look...

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Attentional Bias


Pay attention! How many times did you hear that in school? If you’re like most people, quite a bit. We all naturally find our attention drawn away from things that...

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Regression to the Mean


In the other videos in this series, I’ve suggested techniques – based on psychological theories that you can use to boost your conversions. But in this video, I want to...

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