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Whether we are working from office or home, we love sharing our expertise in customer experience optimisation with you through webinars, meet-ups, and other events.

If you’d like us to talk about something specific in CRO or would like to collaborate with us for an event, write to

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Webinar Replay: PSY-Q—Using Psychological Intelligence for CX Optimisation

Watch our psychologist Professor Ben Ambridge talk about the top 10 psychological principles useful in conversion rate optimisation.

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Webinar Replay: PSY-Q Meets eCommerce—Psychological Theories In Practice

Watch Nosto Head of Brand Marketing Jake Chatt and Endless Gain Psychologist Ben Ambridge talk about 8 consumer psychology theories and how to implement it in eCommerce optimisation.

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Webinar Replay: PSY-Q Meets eCommerce—Keeping Up With Ethical Shoppers

Watch Nosto Global Head of Brand Marketing Chloe Pascal and Endless Gain Psychologist Ben Ambridge talk about key psychological principles and real-life eCommerce examples that help close the intention-action gap with online consumers who want to shop ethically.

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Webinar Replay: Optimising the Online Buying Experience

Watch AB Tasty Senior Key Account Manager Margaux Martinage and Endless Gain COO Garret Cunningham talk about how leading online UK beauty retailer Fragrance Direct optimised their users’ shopping experience.

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Webinar Replay: Beginner to Winner—Simple Steps to Master Personalisation

Watch Fresh Relevance Partnerships Manager Vicky Beech and Endless Gain Commercial Director Kleon West talk in depth about website and email personalisation strategies.

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Webinar Replay: Optimise Your Research Process—Discover the Best Platforms to Improve Your Online Customer Experience

Gain a better understanding of what an ideal optimisation research process needs, an overview of the different platforms available for user research, and access resources that can help you find the right platform for different UX research needs.

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