Use Our Biometrics Lab for In-depth User Insights

Our state-of-the-art biometrics lab setup combines five technologies:

  1. Eyetracking, to tell you which parts of your site customers are looking at and when;
  2. Facial-Expression Recognition, to tell you how they’re feeling when they’re doing so;
  3. Galvanic Skin Response, to measure the strength of these emotions;
  4. EEG to measure their engagement with your site; and
  5. Pupil Dilation to measure their arousal.

On its own, any one of these technologies gives you valuable insights into your customer experience. But the real magic comes when we bring them all together to map your customers’ psychological and emotional journey from logon to checkout.

Our cutting-edge biometrics software brings these five metrics together to yield actionable insights that we then put into practice using evidence-based principles from decades of psychological research.

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