About Us

Endless Gain are a multi-award-winning optimisation agency based in the UK.

We are a dedicated team of highly experienced eCommerce professionals who believe we can make buying online a better experience than it currently is—for consumers and businesses alike.

We believe that conversion optimisation is about improving customer experience and optimising customer journeys with your brand, rather than just changing layouts, images, colours, and CTAs, or adding pop-ups, banners, and forms.

We focus on this every day, relentlessly, passionately. We know where we can add value and where we can’t. We advise honestly, with integrity, and with the benefit of experience.

Our work is pioneering. It’s award-winning. But more importantly, it achieves results. On a daily basis, we are increasing profits and growth for dozens of high-volume transactional eCommerce businesses like yours.

We are Endless Gain. Your strategic conversion optimisation partner.

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Meet the senior team

Neil McKay
Chief Executive Officer

Hi, I’m Neil and for over 22 years I’ve been helping businesses in the UK, across Europe and the States grow their online revenues and profits. It’s something I’m passionate about and Endless Gain is central to this passion. Every business can grow. Every business can improve. Our job here at Endless Gain is to discover why your business isn’t growing at the rate it should and then to fix it. I love what we do and how we do it. We are pioneers.

T. +44 (0)161 672 6900

E. neil@endlessgain.com

Garret Cunningham
Chief Operations Officer

Hi, I’m Garret. I’m a digital marketing specialist with over 15 years’ experience in digital media helping clients to manage multi-channel eCommerce strategies in both domestic and international markets. Over the years I have led strategy and planning across all digital media channels including search and display, and also expanded this out to cover offline channels including TV, press and OOH. I believe the next level of growth for many businesses will come from not just knowing what their customers do on site but investing in knowing more about why they do it.

T. +44 (0)161 672 6900

E. garret@endlessgain.com

Ben Steadman
Analytics Director

Hi, I’m Ben. I lead the analytics team here at Endless Gain. I’ve been analysing data and fixing analytics since 2001. Data plays such a vital part in today’s decision-making world. The days of making business decisions based on opinions are disappearing fast and data is replacing it. Analytics is pivotal to this data led world.

T. +44 (0)161 672 6900

E. ben@endlessgain.com

Professor Ben Ambridge

Hi, I’m Ben and I’ve studied and researched psychology for over 22 years. I’m a Professor of Psychology at the University of Liverpool. I’m interested in how research findings from academic psychology can be applied in our everyday lives as consumers. And, importantly how psychology plays an influential role in eCommerce.

T. +44 (0)161 672 6900

E. ben.ambridge@endlessgain.com

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